Books that host sing-alongs

And not just the ones that have been adapted into musicals

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Book reviews with music pairings
The whole concept is pretty simple—I [raistlinsshadow] post a review of a book and I recommend music to go along with it to listen to as the book is being read. They're also books that I usually read, so the book genres will be along the lines of fantasy, sci-fi and horror, with an occasional historic fiction account or general fiction-type book thrown in.

If you'd like to add a review, that would be pretty great—I think that something that would be really great is to have multiple reviews of the same books in addition to a wide variety of books and genres. Just to make everything fairly similar, I'd appreciate if the reviews were written in this fashion:

Bolded title of either the book or series [use < b> and < /b> tags without spaces]
Author's name

Rating: [out of 5]

Music choice:

Review [behind a LJ-cut—< lj-cut text="blah"> and < /lj-cut> tags]

Next up: [optional; what you will review next]

Tags should be the rating [just the number out of five], the author, the book title, and the book genre[s].